21 Printable Baby Shower Games - Super Game Pack - Jungle Safari Theme

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The Printable, Jungle Safari, Baby Shower Game - Super Pack, is bursting with 21 of our most popular baby shower games that your guests will love (we promise!)

SAVE TIME & MONEY: Order once and you get to keep all 21 games forever. Simply save them to your computer and you can print them out anytime you need them - whether it be tomorrow or a year from now.

The Printable Baby Shower Game Pack is instantly delivered to your email inbox, there is absolutely no waiting. You can be playing games within minutes of placing your order.


  1. Baby Shower Bingo (8.5x11" pdf file)
  2. Candy Bar Game (8.5x11" pdf file).
  3. Baby Shower Trivia (8.5x11" pdf file)
  4. The Price Is Right (8.5x11" pdf file)
  5. Baby Shower Book Wishes (8x10" jpg file - print and frame) has guests sign a classic baby book when they arrive
  6. Diaper Thoughts (8x10" jpg file - print and frame)
  7. How Many Pieces Of Candy Are In The Bottle? (printable sign and fill-in cards) have guests write down how many pieces of candy they think are in a large baby bottle. You can find plastic jumbo bottles at party stores.
  8. Baby A-Z Name Game (8.5x11" pdf file)
  9. Don't Say Baby Clothespin Game (8x10" PDF file - print and frame)
  10. Diaper Raffle Tickets (3.5x3" cards)
  11. Baby Babble Word Scramble (8.5x11" pdf file)
  12. Pacifier Hunt Game Sign (8x10" jpg file - print and frame)
  13. Address Sign - (8x10" jpg file - print and frame) has guests fill out their return address on envelopes to help the new mom out when writing thank you cards
  14. Baby Shower Mad Libs (8.5x11" pdf file)
  15. Mom-Osa Bar Sign (8x10" jpg file - print and frame)
  16. What's In Your Purse Game (8.5x11" pdf file)
  17. Left Right Baby Shower Game (8.5x11" pdf file)
  18. My Water Broke Game (8x10" jpg file - print and frame)
  19. Pass The Prize Game (8.5x11" pdf file)
  20. Size Of Waist (8.5x11" pdf file)
  21. Nursery Rhyme Game (8.5x11" pdf file)

Artwork by FloraAndBear.etsy.com

Answer keys/Instructions are included with each game (when applicable.) All of our products come as an instant download and are sent to your email inbox as soon as you order, so there is no waiting. Order - print - play!

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