Printable Baby Wishes Book Sign - Safari Jungle Watercolor Theme 8x10"

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Printable Baby Wishes Book Sign - Safari Watercolor Theme 8x10"

This is a sweet baby shower activity that provides memories for years to come! Set up a table at the baby shower that has a special children's book and a nice pen on it. Print and frame this sign and place it on the table.

Have guests sign the book and add a special message.

The baby shower sign says:

Please stop here and take a look,
and write a sweet message in this children's book.
Whether happy thoughts, encouragement, or a quote,
Over the years we'll cherish what you wrote.

Artwork by

You will receive an 8x10" JPG file - print from home or send to a copy shop for them to print (Costco, Walgreens, Staples, etc.) Print on photo paper, card stock or regular copy paper.

After printing, place the sign in an 8x10" frame and set on the table.